Being Ignored

Dr Masaru Emoto’s famous rice experiment demonstrated the power of our thoughts, words and – perhaps most importantly – intent on matter. In this experiment, Dr Emoto sealed some boiled rice in three jars. During the experiment, only pleasant words were directed at the first jar, which also bore a label saying ‘Thank You’. Conversely, only harsh words were spoken to and written on the second jar. The third jar or ‘control’ was set aside and completely ignored. After one month, the rice in the first ‘positive’ jar had started to ferment, giving off a pleasant odour. Rice in the second ‘negative’ jar had turned black. But here’s where it starts to get interesting because the rice in the third ‘ignored’ jar was rotten and mouldy. Much has been made of the implications of this experiment relating to the power of positive thinking. I’m more intrigued, however, by the results in the third jar. It would seem that any attention is better than none.