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If I asked you to guess in which month the annual rhythm of suicides had its peak, you might guess November or December—that, at least, is what most people think. Given that the seasonality of mood reaches its low point around that time of year, it’s a fair assumption. The data, however, show something else. The maximum number of suicides worldwide occurs around the summer solstice. The hypothesis assumes that when everyone is feeling low, the drive to die by suicide is also lower than at times when everyone else is in excellent spirits. In addition, patients who suffer from bipolar depression and die by suicide do so during their manic phase and rarely during their depressed phase. The actual act of suicide (and not merely the thought about it) takes a level of energy that depressed individuals cannot muster during their most depressed times of year. Thus those individuals who are desperate enough to put an end to their lives do so with higher probability in midsummer, when their energy is highest. Internal Time

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