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When you were born, you were about as vulnerable as any living creature can be. You couldn’t feed yourself. You couldn’t care for yourself. Your neck was too weak to hold up your head, and your legs were of no use whatsoever in getting you from here to there. If your parents had left you alone in the forest back then, you’d be a goner, and they’d be in jail. Your job as a child was to transcend that vulnerability, to learn how to navigate in and out of the forest on your own. But hold that thought, Hansel and Gretel, because get this: your job as an adult is to reverse that progress. Now that you’re big and strong and out in the world, you must learn not only to tap into that vulnerability and weakness within yourself but also to share it with others. True connection is impossible if you don’t let down your guard. So shed a tear. Hug a stranger. Belt out that karaoke version of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” without worrying if you’re in tune. It’s okay. No one in the karaoke bar is ever really in tune. We’re all just humming along, doing the best we can, stumbling our way through this dark and scary forest together. The ABCs of Adulthood: An Alphabet of Life Lessons

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