Your Love Is My Drug

Your love is my drug. I can’t kick the habit. I don’t know why I can’t get enough of your love, babe. I don’t want no cure. I got to have all your loving. I can’t let you go. There’s something about love that tends to make one feel like a crackhead…Love, requited or not, can turn even the most stalwart of us into stereotypical junkies…I would venture to say most of us have felt that overwhelming crazy-in-love feeling for at least one person in our lives, perhaps more than one. We have experienced a love that had the power to make us feel our very best and yet could turn us into the very worst version of ourselves. Usually these irresistible and overpowering feelings, whether love or lust, mellow over time—hopefully before you do too much…damage to your life. The sensation may morph into a strong feeling of attachment or blow up into the unhappiest of endings. We tolerate our friends (and perhaps ourselves) while in the throes of this crazy love because we intrinsically know this too shall pass. At least, we hope so. But for some, the feeling does not pass.